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Mambobaby's Neck Float + Pump Set ~ RM68

Mambobaby's Neck Float + Pump Set ~ RM68
1) SOLD TO Ana
2) SOLD TO Shah

1)2009 new version mambobaby flower transparent adjustable baby neck float

2)One air pump
Product Description:
1.Product Name: Baby Neck Float (for newborn to 2-year old baby), One size adjustable can't adjust size Inner Diameter of 28cm (max.) and 18kg of load.
2.Material: High density PVC (able to with stand temperature up to 100۫C). Softening process of the inner surface to protect baby’s skin.
3.Two armrests: Allow baby to hold the float and rest while in water.
4.Two layers of floats: Special design for the baby. If 1 layer of float is deflated, the 2nd layer is still filled with air to ensure the baby’s safety
5.Four High quality bells: Train the baby’s listening skills.
Instructions On How To Use :
1.Pump air into 2 layers of floats, up to & above 80% filled. (Pump the bottom layer first)
2.Check if there is any air leakage.
3.Open the magic adhesion and Buckle of the swimming tube.
4.Put the tube around baby’s neck and secure the baby’s chin on the chin support.(suggest one person hug the baby ,and the other one put the float to the baby’s neck front to back)
5.Fastened the magic adhesion and buckle
6.Ensure the float is securely fastened before you put the baby into water
Product of the Original : China


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